On-Site Green Infrastructure (GI) and Permeable Asphalt Projects
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Green Infrastructure Contracts

Location: NYCHA, DOE, and DPR Facilities in Brooklyn and Queen- New York 


  • As-built drawings and perform visual inspection to confirm the existing drainage system connection
  • On-Site walkthroughs to determine potential locations for underground storage systems, biofiltration systems, permeable pavement, rain gardens, infiltration basins, rain based on DEP, DOT, NYCHA, DOE, DPR and DOB siting requirements
  • Preparation of site investigation maps, TDA maps, preliminary schematic, boring plans, and site analysis reports
  • Coordination with agencies and obtained necessary geotechnical, survey, and DOB permits
  • Preparation of stormwater management calculations, H&H modeling, survey maps and advanced schematic design
  • On-Site Green infrastructure and sustainability design
  • Cloudburst analysis and design
  • Preparation of construction estimate for proposed GI features
  • Pre-Monitoring flow analysis
  • Innovative solutions

The On-Site GI projects are located at NYCHA, DOE, and DPR facilities in Brooklyn and Queen. These projects consisted of designing and implementing 75 On-site GI Practices. Mr. Al Arag, while at Dewberry Engineers Inc, has managed, worked on, and contributed to these On-Site Green Infrastructure projects in New York in 2017-2022 for NYCDEP, NYCEDC, NYCHA, NYCDPR, NYCDOE and NCDDC.