HydroTech’s team of engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists and environmental scientists maintain comprehensive and current certifications that span all engineering and environmental areas.

With over 21 years in business working with the private and public sectors, you can count on our diversified team for all your environmental needs.


    • Due Diligence & Investigatory Services

      • Phase I ESA and Phase II ESI

      • Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statements

      • Social Management and Cultural Heritage Studies

      • Soil, Groundwater, and Vapor Investigation

      • Real Time Air and Noise Quality Monitoring

    • Engineering & Remedial Services

      • Spills cleanup, In-situ bioremediation, and Remedial Mitigations Measures

      • Remedial Oversight

      • Waste management and Landfill Designs Support

      • Environmental Permitting and Compliance