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Who We Are

HydroTech Environmental Engineering and Geology, DPC, a Small Business Administration (SBA) and a Small Disadvantage Business (SDB), is a turnkey fully integrated environmental and water resources consulting and engineering firm.

HydroTech provides a one stop shop for environmental, resiliency, and sustainability consulting and engineering services in support of national and international facilities facing new challenges to future resilience and climate change. HydroTech consulting services also include engineering sustainable solutions for water resources, water & wastewater management, strengthening water system resilience with BIM and cloud collaboration, climate change analysis, models & design, integrating climate resilience in flood risk management and design, green infrastructure, and general Infrastructure.

HydroTech services are key to all development projects, private and public alike, as well as to global organizations such as the World Bank and USAID sponsored programs.

Our Experience

HydroTech’s team of engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists and environmental scientists maintain comprehensive and current certifications that span all engineering and environmental areas. With over 21 years in business, working within the private and public sectors, you can count on our diversified team for all your environmental, water resources, infrastructure and sustainability needs.

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations on every project and provide top-notch service consistently. Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise and forward-thinking environmental practices.

Our Philosophy

The HydroTech philosophy is simple: Each client is our top priority. We specialize in providing innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions that respond directly to each client’s needs. Our national and international reputation as a leader in engineering and consultant has been fostered by our experienced staff of engineers and scientist.

At HydroTech, we believe that our ability to deliver strong results to our clients depends on our ability to provide an enriching work environment for our employees. We ensure our employees have the tools they need to discover new ways to solve problems and to make responsible decisions in line with our corporate culture — in other words, we empower our employees to provide unparalleled and unrestrained service to our clients.

Our Mission

The mission of HydroTech is to provide engineering and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients’ needs in an innovative, cost effective, and professional manner, without compromising the quality of the service or the deliverables. By utilizing our common values, we will accomplish our business objective of exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients. To be as responsive as possible to the needs of our clients, our principals will oversee and manage each of our market sectors. Achieving business objectives is the result of an empowered, values driven work force which is motivated to succeed.

Our common values define a culture where our people are set free to be the best they can be. They define an environment where we are motivated to respond quickly to client needs, to discover new ways to solve problems and to make responsible decisions on behalf of the company. People with the freedom and responsibility of our common values give us a powerful competitive advantage.

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HydroTech understands the importance of giving back to the community and to extend a helping hand to others in need. This goes beyond mere financial transactions. It is a belief within our company that the benefits of our pro-bono work far outweigh economic returns. We believe that helping others builds character and ethical responsibility.

Charitable Activities

The USDA reported recently that an estimated 49 million people, including 17 million children, are at risk of hunger in this country. HydroTech and its employees regularly give donations and participate in activities to benefit local communities throughout the United States.

HydroTech regularly participates in our clients’ fundraising and charitable activities.

HydroTech conducts seminars throughout the United States. Our experts travel to business sites, universities, communities and other places to teach and offer our expertise. Where appropriate, we can arrange a seminar around a particular topic.