Air and Noise “E” Designation Support
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The Window/Wall Noise Attenuation “E” Designation is related to exterior noise impacts on building occupants. The NYC OER typically requires maximum interior noise levels ranging from 30 dBA to 45 dBA with windows closed and an alternate means of ventilation.

The required interior noise level is obtained by mitigating exterior noise with specialized windows with high OITC ratings.

The alternate means of ventilation must bring fresh air into each building unit while the windows remain close. Air conditioning units and trickle vent units are typical ways to address the alternate means of ventilation requirement. 

Air E designation is generally associated with the HVAC system and boilers. The Air E can regulate that a specific fuel type be used (such as natural gas) and the location of the vent stack.

Similar to the Hazmat “E” Designation, the air and noise designations are addressed in two phases, prior to the issuance of building permits and then prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy. Before the building permits will be released the NYC OER must have all documents related to the air and noise E designations. HydroTech can work closely with the Architect and MEP engineer to secure the approval for these designations.