Green Infrastructure – Right-of-way bioswales, Infiltration Basins and Green Streets Projects
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NYCDEP/NYCEDC/NYCDDC Green Infrastructure (GI) Contracts

Location: Brooklyn and Queen- New York 


  • Site walkthroughs to determine potential locations for ROWBM GS’s, Permeable Pavement, Infiltration Basins based on DEP, DOT, and DPR siting requirements
  • Preparation of site investigation maps, TDA maps, preliminary schematic, boring plans, and site analysis reports
  • Coordination with agencies and obtained necessary geotechnical and survey permits
  • Preparation of stormwater management calculations, survey maps and advanced schematic design
  • Green infrastructure and sustainability design
  • Green infrastructure standards and specifications
  • Preparation of construction estimate for proposed GI features

Green infrastructure collects stormwater from streets, sidewalks, and other hard surfaces before it can enter the sewer system or cause local flooding. By reducing the amount of stormwater that flows into the Sewer System, green infrastructure helps prevent Sewer Overflows and improves the health of local waterways. Green infrastructure protects New York Harbor and reduces local flooding.

These GI projects are located in Brooklyn and Queen and consisted of designing and implementing 2,000 GI Practices. Mr. Al Arag, while at Dewberry Engineers Inc, has managed, worked on, and contributed to these Green Infrastructure projects in New York in 2014-2022 for NYCDEP, NYCEDC, and NCDDC.