Design & EIA for Sanitory Landfill in Lebanon
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Lebanon – Design & Environmental Impact Assessment for Sanitary Landfill

Project: Ghadir (Costa Brava) Sanitary Landfill
Location: Costa Brava Area, Southern Beirut, Lebanon
Services: Landfill Detailed Design (incl. Breakwater Design) and operation guidelines; Preparation of Tender Documents including Bid Conditions and Procedures, Conditions of Contract, Technical Specifications, Bills of Quantities, and Construction Drawings; Evaluation of Technical and Financial Bids; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study

Before working with HydroTech, Mr. Makki managed and led the design and EIA of this project. The project consisted of establishing a sanitary landfill in the area of Al-Ghadir River outlet, next to Rafik Hariri Airport (Beirut International Airport). The landfill capacity is approximately 1,000,000 tons of MSW, receiving 1000 tons per day of MSW from the existing sorting plants in the service area.