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“E” Designation Program Support for Commercial Retail and Office Development

Client: CBCS Hudson Equities, LLC
Location: Manhattan, New York
Services: NYCOER “E” Designation Program; New York City Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP); Engineering Control Design; Remedial Design; Remedial Oversight; Regulatory Coordination

HydroTech provided environmental engineering and contracting services to CBCS Hudson Equities, LLC to develop a vacant lot surrounded by construction fencing with an excavated pit. The redevelopment plan consisted of the construction of an 11-story hotel building with no basement. HydroTech performed oversight under the NYC OER and NYSDEC to remediate the site from hazardous materials, including the removal of one waste oil UST and two gasoline USTs, the excavation of impact fill material and petroleum impacted soil to and below the depth of the soil groundwater interface, disposal of 5,122.57 cubic yards of non-hazardous regulated waste, collection and analysis of post-excavation endpoint samples, the installation of an active sub-slab depressurization system and a waterproofing vapor barrier, and the implementation of a groundwater monitoring and sampling plan.