Track 4 New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program Remediation
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Track 4 New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program Remediation

Project: Waterpointe-Whitestone
Location: Whitestone, New York
Services: Track 4 NYS BCP Remediation Waste Characterization; Soil Excavation,Transport, and Disposal; Community Air Monitoring Soil Remediation Regulatory Coordination

Hydro Tech Environmental is providing environmental engineering services for the remediation and subsequent environmental closure of a 12.5-acre waterfront property under the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Brownfield Cleanup Program. The property will be remediated to meet Track 4 Residential Soil Cleanup Objectives and Protection of Ground Water Regulatory Objectives to facilitate the development of a proposed high-end residential community.

Work includes preparation of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, regulatory coordination, hazardous waste delineation, dust control and air monitoring, remedial oversight, preparation of a Final Engineering Report, and securing the COC.