St. George Terminal Yard Drainage Analysis, MTA New York City Transit 
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Location: Staten Island, New York


  • Feasibility studies
  • Feasibility design
  • Flood vulnerability mitigation 
  • Subway flood mitigation
  • Preliminary engineering design
  • Final design
  • Bid and conformed documents
  • Rail tunnel structures
  • Hydrological/Topographical 
  • Tunnel drainage
  • Alternatives analysis

Mr. Al Arag, while at Dewberry Engineers Inc, has worked on and contributed to the St. George Terminal Yard Drainage project in 2012-2014 for MTA New York Transit. 

St. George Terminal Yard, located at the northernmost end of the Staten Island Railway (SIR) in the Borough of Staten Island, has very poor drainage characteristics. The track ties, plates, fasteners and the base of the rail are usually covered with water for long periods of time following a heavy rainfall resulting in service being shut down. Specific concerns included water entering the tunnel from outside of the portal. Mr. Al Arag conducted site visits to assess the condition of the existing drainage system and identify its deficiencies. The impacts of the high-water table, geology of the site, steady gradient of the track to the tunnel and outfall constraints were taken into consideration during evaluation. Mr. Al Arag was involved in developing two design alternatives for a 5-year design storm event to improve the drainage inside and outside of the tunnel. Mr. Al Arag also performed a risk analysis for a 100-year storm event to determine the locations that are most vulnerable to flooding.