Soil Vapor Extraction System and Air Sparge System

Project:    Rockaway Boulevard
Location:    Queens, New York
Services:    Remediation of NYSDEC Spill Site, Installation and Monitoring of Soil Vapor Extraction System and Air Sparge System

The Site was formerly utilized as a gasoline service station. Ten 550-gallon gasoline underground storage tanks (USTs) and 1,200 tons of soil were removed from the property. A NYSDEC spill number was assigned to the release. Several subsurface investigations were conducted to delineate the gasoline contamination. A environmental injection was than conducted at the site by others.

Hydro Tech was approached by the client after the environmental injection was proven unsuccessful and the NYSDEC began issuing fines because the site was not in environmental compliance.

Hydro Tech performed a Subsurface Investigation to establish the current levels of gasoline compounds in the soil and groundwater. Based upon the results of the investigation, Hydro Tech recommended the installation of a Vapor Extraction System and Air Sparge System to remediate the levels of gasoline compounds still present in the soil and groundwater. The NSYDEC agreed to this recommendation and Hydro Tech proceeded with the design of the system. Upon approval of the system design, Hydro Tech constructed both the air sparge system and the vapor extraction system using its own team of field operators.

Hydro Tech is currently managing the system by performing monthly monitoring activities and quarterly groundwater sampling.