Site Remediation and NYSDEC Spill Closure
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NYSDEC Site Remediation & Spill Closure

Client: Cheyenne Realty & Bermuda Realty, LLC
Location: Bronx, New York
Services: NYSDEC Spill Closure; Remedial Investigation, Design & Oversight; Regulatory Coordination


HydroTech is providing environmental services for a 10,000 square foot site occupied by 1-story vacant warehouse building. Historical uses of the site, which include various auto repair and auto related uses, had resulted in a York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) spill case being assigned to the site. HydroTech provided site remediation services to address the spill. The scope of the remedial activities consisted of the excavation and off-site disposal of petroleum impacted soil, collection of endpoint samples, backfill of the excavation pit, reinstallation of monitoring wells and well monitoring, surveying and sampling.

A total of 435 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil was excavated from the contaminated area and was properly disposed of. Groundwater quality is being monitored on a quarterly basis in order to achieve spill closure.