Due Diligence

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phase II Environmental Site Investigation  

Investigatory services

Geophysical surveys to locate underground utilities, piping, cesspools, drywells and tanks

Soil investigations including the installation, survey and sampling of soil borings

Groundwater investigations including the installation, survey and sampling of monitoring wells

Vapor assessments including indoor air quality, sub-slab vapor surveys and soil gas surveys

Mold Investigations

Engineering and Remedial Services

NYC DEP Dewatering permits

NYC VCP, NYC “E” Designation, NYS Spill, and NYS BCP programs

Vapor Barrier Design

Vapor Extraction System Design and Installation

Sub Slab Depressurisation System Design and Installation

Remedial oversight

Community Air Monitoring

Emergency Cleanup/Fuel Oil Spill Remediation

Underground or Aboveground Tanks cleanup and removal

In-site bioremediation using chemical and biological agents to address petroleum or chemical releases

Soil, Groundwater, and Soil Vapor treatment systems including Air Sparging/Vapor Extraction Systems and Pump-and-Treat Systems

Additional Services



Chemical Engineering 

Environmental Engineering

 Soil Science

Computer Modeling

Expert Testimony

Legal Environmental Issues