Residential Development – “E” Designation Program Site
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“E” Designation Program Support for Residential Development

Client: O&B Properties
Location: Queens, New York
Services: NYCOER “E” Designation Program; Engineering Control Design; Remedial Design; Remedial Oversight; Regulatory Coordination

HydroTech is providing environmental services for a site consisting of a 7,575 square foot lot occupied by four 3-story residences with front and rear yards. The site is associated with an “E” designation for Air and Hazardous Materials and is under the jurisdiction of the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation (NYCOER) as part of the “E” designation program. As part of the requirements of the program, HydroTech performed a remedial investigation of soil, groundwater and soil vapor quality. The findings of the investigation were used to prepare a Remedial Action Work Plan which included the installation of a Vapor Barrier System and a Composite Cover. HydroTech designed and installed these engineering controls, provided oversight during earth moving activities, and prepared the Hazmat closure report and Air Installation Report to obtain a Notice of Satisfaction from NYCOER.