Remediation of Former Gasoline Station and Auto Repair Shop

Client: Sam Ruv Operating Corp.
Location: Manhattan, New York
Services: NYC OER “E” Designation Program; Tank Removal; Engineering Control Design; Remedial Design; Remedial Oversight; Regulatory Coordination (OER)

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HydroTech provided environmental engineering and contracting services to Sam Ruv Operating Corp. to help remediate a former gasoline station and auto repair facility into a 5-story commercial building with a full basement. The site is approximately 29,998 square feet. Hydro Tech performed multiple sub-surface investigations in association with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) to remediate the spill caused from the underground gasoline tanks. The entire site was excavated and 4,619.31 tons of non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soil were disposed of. As part of site development, a Vapor Barrier System consisting of a waterproofing membrane was installed beneath the spread footing and a hydrostatic mat slab was installed across the footprint of the building. At the completion of the remediation, a decision for No Further Action was issued by NYSDEC for the spill incident #1410808 and the Little E-Designation for hazardous materials was removed since the site had been remediated to the satisfaction of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation.