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Hydro Tech has provided a broad range of environmental consulting services to our clients for over 20 years including E Designation, Excavations, Vapor Assessments, Brownfield Cleanup Program, Geotechnical Investigations, and many more. View a sample of our projects to the left.



Union Turnpike

Queens, NY
New York City E Designated Site and NYSDEC Spill Site

Hydro Tech Environmental, Corp. has supervised and documented the environmental closure activities for a property in Queens, New York. The property was associated with a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Spill number and was also associated with an “E”-designation. Hydro Tech performed the remedial activities under the guidance of both the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP)/NYC Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) and the NYSDEC.



Clarendon Road

Queens, NY
NYSDEC Spill Site. Excavation of Contaminated Soil and Underground Storage Tanks, Remediation of Groundwater and Vapor Assessment.

Hydro Tech performed the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs), and soil and groundwater remediation during the re-development of a former gasoline station into a commercial strip mall. The remediation was successfully coordinated with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and two NYSDEC spill numbers were closed. The remediation was beneficial to the site development in that the UST and contaminated-soil excavations were generally limited to basement foundations, and groundwater was treated through monitoring and natural attenuation. In other words the remediation did not impact upon the development of the property.



Avenue U

Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY
Track 1 New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program Remediation

Hydro Tech Environmental was presented with the opportunity to perform remedial activities during the development of a New York City “E” designated Site. The property is located in the heart of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn that existed as a former gasoline station with petroleum-contaminated soil and groundwater associated with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Spill #8503707.



Bedford Avenue

Bedford Avenue
New York City Noise E Designated Site.

Hydro Tech worked with the New York City Mayors Office of Environmental Remediation (NYCOER) to clear Noise “E” Designations assigned to a residential development in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn following completion of construction. . Upon completion of the development and receipt of the Notice of Satisfaction for hazardous materials, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) notified the developer that special windows would be required to mitigate exterior noise. The property owner was faced with a dilemma because construction had already been completed and replacing windows would exceed the project budget.


Photo by SeanPavonePhoto/iStock / Getty Images

Pelham Parkway

New York, New York
Environmental Investigation and Remediation of a NYC Local Brownfield Cleanup Project

Hydro Tech Environmental assisted the client in applying to the New York City Brownfield Cleanup Program. At the time of the application the program was still in its development so Hydro Tech worked closely with the NYC officials to determine what type of investigation and remediation plans would be necessary to enter into the program. Hydro Tech Environmental performed the investigation of the property and developed a Remedial Action Plan in an expedited time using our own environmental drilling equipment and staff of geologists, hydrogeologists, and engineers.


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Westchester Avenue Geotechnical Investigation

Bronx, New York
Geotechnical Investigation and Report

Hydro Tech Environmental installed 18 geotechnical borings to determine the exact landscape of bedrock beneath a 26,000 square-foot property. The results of the borings indicated the bedrock varied from depth ranging to 10 feet below grade to 38 feet below grade. Upon completion of the borings a geotechnical report, recommending the type of foundation for the building, was prepared by our NYS licensed Professional Engineer. 


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63-67 West 38th Street

New York, NY
Remediation Spill #0511521

The Client reported oil/water mixture within a pit in the basement, located in the vicinity of a former boiler. Hydro Tech performed remedial activities at the above property under direct oversight of the NYSDEC in order to address the petroleum spill at the property. The remedial activities included the removal of the oil/water mixture from the basement followed by the installation of monitoring and recovery wells. Weekly Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR) events were performed for over a span of six months. The inactive boiler was abandoned in place with approximately 1,500 gallons of foam on May 22, 2007. Oxygen Releasing Compounds (ORCs) were injected in the vicinity of the wells and monthly groundwater monitoring was continued as part of the remedial efforts. A Vapor Intrusion Survey was performed and no possible impacts were noted on neighboring properties. The NYSDEC closed Spill # 0511521 on November 28, 2007.


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Lawrence Aviation Industries

Port Jefferson, NY
Remediation of Spill# 03-25019 & #03-25024

Lawrence Aviation Industries, Inc. (LAI) site in Port Jefferson Station, Suffolk County, New York was an active manufacturer of titanium sheeting for the aeronautics industry. It is currently listed on the National Priority List (NPL) for numerous violations. Numerous areas of concerns exist at the site. At the request of the NYSDEC, Hydro Tech is currently undertaking the remediation of hazardous wastes from the property. This includes the removal of petroleum and PCB contaminated liquid from all machine pits, soil contaminated with volatile organic compounds and PCBs and all transformer pads containing PCBs. All petroleum storage vessels will be removed from Site. All petroleum stained areas have already been cleaned by Hydro Tech.


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Long Beach – Pine Town Houses

25A-153B East Pine Street, Long Beach, NY
Drywell Remediation, UST removal, Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Hydro Tech has prepared and submitted a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) for the tasks associated with the UST removals. A separate RAP was prepared and submitted to the Nassau County Department of Health (NCDOH) to address the storm water drywells and floor drains at the Site. Ten drywells have been properly remediated under the direct oversight of the NCDOH and a Hydro Tech geologist. Eight (8) USTs have been removed and contaminated soil was excavated and disposed of. The excavated areas have been backfilled with clean soil allowing for the final restoration of the excavation areas. As per the NYSDEC recommendation, five (5) monitoring/recovery wells have been installed at the site and a monthly monitoring program has been instituted.


Photo by Lisa-Blue/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Lisa-Blue/iStock / Getty Images


Brooklyn, NY
NYSDEC Spill Site Investigation and Remediation, Installation of SSD System

Hydro Tech was contacted when strong odors associate with gasoline vapors were detected in the basement of the new development prior to the building being occupied. The site was associated with an open NYSDEC Spill number which was supposedly rectified by others during site development. However, the strong odors entering into the basement were a red flag that something had gone array.


Photo by ViewApart/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ViewApart/iStock / Getty Images

Hudson and Canal

Manhattan, NY
NYC VCP Site and the Remediation of NYSDEC Spill During Site Development

The Site is approximately 12,937 square feet in area is located in the southwest portion of Manhattan. The current owner purchased this property for the development of a 10-story building. The Site was historically developed as a mixture of residential buildings and auto repair shops. Gasoline tanks were historically present on-site and the site was designated with a Hazmat/Noise “E”. During a subsurface investigation it was discovered that free product was floating on the groundwater, elevated levels of dissolved gasoline was present in the groundwater and levels of gasoline compounds were present in the soil. The NYSDEC was notified of the release and a NYSDEC Spill Number was assigned to the property. Hydro Tech then prepared a Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) which was approved by the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation (NYC OER) and a Notice to Proceed was issued.