Syria - Phase I & II ESA for Water Treatment Facility in Oil Field

Project: Tishrine Oil Field Water Treatment Facility
Location: Tishrine Oil Field - Al Hassakah Governorate - Syria.
Services: Environmental Pollution Remediation plan; Field investigation; water quality assessment; geological/hydrogeolOGical study; preparation of construction documents and Design

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Mr. Makki managed and led Phase I and II of the project while working under Rafik El-Khoury & Partners in 2010 for Oudeh Petroleum Company (OPC).

The project is an environmental pollution remediation initiative coordinated between Oudeh Petroleum Company (OPC) and Al-Hassakah Water Establishment. The project consisted of constructing a facility for treating oil-contaminated water coming from Taban Spring (located in the Tishrine Oil Field) to Al-Bassel Lake which is used for irrigation. The facility is designed according to the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API).