New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program Vapor Venting and Aeration System

Project: Retail Center
Location: Queens, New York
Services: Track 2 NYS BCP Remediation, Vapor Venting and Aeration System, Regulatory Coordination

Hydro Tech Environmental is is providing environmental services to remedy the impact of chlorinated solvents in the soil and groundwater of a property located at 77-57 Vleigh Place in Flushing, Queens. The site was occupied by a one-story commercial building with 13 tenant spaces on the ground floor and 11 individual basements below grade, and is undergoing remediation under the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP).

The IRM included remedial investigation for the site and for a school off-site and across the street from the project site. The IRM also included a vapor mitigation system that spans the 11 basement spaces. The system included multiple low-flow points around the foundation with active fan withdrawal and venting to the atmosphere. The system was installed by Hydro Tech.

Currently, the site is being developed and Hydro Tech is managing the remedial program which includes mass soil excavation, groundwater in-situ remediation through chemical injection, and the installation and operation of an SVE system.