New York City Brownfield Cleanup Program
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New York City Brownfield Cleanup Program

Project: Westchester Avenue
Location: Bronx, New York
Services: Track 1 NYS BCP Remediation, NYCDEC Spill Closure

The Site is defined as two adjacent lots which were historically utilized as gasoline stations and auto maintenance facilities. An open NYSDEC Spill Number was associated with one of the lots due to the presence of gasoline contamination in the groundwater and soil at the site.

Hydro Tech performed several studies of the site for due diligence purposes including a Phase I ESA, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey, the installation of soil borings and the installation of on-site and off-site monitoring wells.

Hydro Tech then entered the project into the NYCOER program and coordinated this decision with the HDP and NYSDEC. The HPD then accepted the project into their finance program. During the construction of the project, Hydro Tech supervised the excavation of over 10,000 cubic yards of soil, performed air monitoring activities, coordinated the remediation of the spill during construction (including the injection of biological compounds and the reinstallation of a series of monitoring wells), supervised and assisted in the installation of a vapor barrier and prepared a closure report for the NYSDEC and NYCOER.

During construction activities Hydro Tech, applied for $100,000 grant from the NYCOER. The developer received this grant during a special ceremony honoring the first project to receive such a grant.