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From species surveys to water quality monitoring, our professionals perform comprehensive assessments in order to understand the landscape. Using tools like ArcGIS, we can map and model the watershed and arrive at holistic solutions for resource management. Our natural resources and lake management experts are complemented by our field team who utilize amphibious vehicles for mechanical invasive species removal, install aeration systems to improve water quality, and conduct natural lake treatments to manage algal blooms. We seek clients who share our mission and have secured millions of dollars in grant funding for ecological projects on their behalf. 


  • Pond & Lake Management
  • Watershed Management & Implementation Plans
  • Water Quality Testing & Monitoring
  • Living Shorelines & Natural Buffers
  • Pollutant Loading Modeling
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Resiliency Plans
  • Sea Level Rise Assessment
  • GIS Mapping & Analysis
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Environmental & Natural Resource Inventories
  • Flora & Fauna Surveys
  • Fishery & Benthic Survey
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Public Outreach