Mixed-use Renovation Site
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Remediation and Oversight for Mixed-use Redevelopment

Client: General Hardware MFG. Co., Inc.
Location: Manhattan, New York
Services: Remedial Investigation, Design & Oversight; Construction Oversight for Site Excavation and Installation of Engineering Controls; Regulatory Coordination (OER)

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HydroTech provided environmental engineering and contracting services during the renovation of an existing 6-story commercial and manufacturing building under jurisdiction of the NYCOER. The existing building is a vacant 150-year-old landmarked warehouse. After renovation, the new building is occupied by a retail store, art gallery, office space and residential apartment on the top floor. HydroTech’s scope of work included remedial investigation, soil characterization, design of engineering controls including Vapor Barrier and Sub-slab Depressurization Systems, and oversight during soil excavation and installation of engineering controls. HydroTech is currently involved in post-remediation site management which includes annual inspection of the engineering controls.