Mixed-use High-Rise Development – “E” Designation Program Site
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“E” Designation Program Support for Mixed-use High-Rise Development

Client: Hiwin Group USA, Inc.
Location: Queens (Long Island City), New York
Services: NYCOER “E” Designation Program; Engineering Control Design; Remedial Design; Remedial Oversight; Regulatory Coordination

HydroTech provided environmental engineering and contracting services to Hiwin Group USA, Inc. to help remediate a 9,500 square foot property for the development of a 26-story mixed-use building with a full cellar. The remedial plan was coordinated with NYC OER and included the excavation and disposal of over 5,500 tons of soil and the installation of engineering controls including a composite cover and vapor barrier system to limit exposure to residual soil located underneath the site.  HydroTech provided remedial design and oversight and coordinated with NYC OER to facilitate project flow and approvals throughout the development process.