Iraq – Auditing and Consulting for Emergency Operation of Development Project
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Iraq – Auditing and Consulting for Emergency Operation of Development Project

Project: Project No. P155732/ Contract No. EODP-RF/C6
Location: Salah Al-Din Governorate & Diyala Governorate, iraq
Services: Environmental Audit; Technical Audit; Procurement Audit; Environmental Consulting

The government of Iraq has received a loan in the amount of $350 Million US from the World Bank to support the implementation of the Emergency Operation for Development Project (EODP). The EODP is aimed at bolstering Iraq’s declining economy by jump-starting the delivery of basic infrastructure and services and rehabilitating critical infrastructure, including roads and bridges, in areas liberated from the insurgency. The overall responsibility for the EODP lies with the Iraqi Council of Ministers through a Project Coordination Unit (PCU) under the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (REFAATO).

Project Management Teams (PMT’s) established within counterpart ministries are responsible for sectoral (energy, transport, water and sanitation, municipal solid waste management, housing, and health) project implementation. At each of the municipalities, the PMT’s will be supported by technical staff from the ministry’s regional offices.

To assess quality of works and goods supply services funded under the EODP, the Government of Iraq, through REFAATO, has engaged a Technical Auditor (Consultant) to carry out technical audits on all projects.  HydroTech Environmental Engineering and Geology, DPC is serving as the Environmental Consultant tasked with performing a Technical Audit covering all the project sectors in order to verify that goods supply services already carried out have been performed in compliance with applicable technical standards and specifications included in respective contracts.

The focus of HydroTech’s Technical Audit will be the verification of compliance with Iraqi laws and guidelines provided by the World Bank.