Investigatory Services

When it is time to assess and investigate your property, Hydro Tech has the experience to get the job done properly, within your time frame and budget.

Remaining at the forefront of the industry, we will use our unique experiences to tailor investigations and assessments to fit your specific environmental requirements.

Utilizing our own fleet of geophysical survey equipment, drill rigs and Geoprobes, investigation will be completed within your time frame and budget.

We  perform a variety of site assessments and investigations ranging from indoor air quality assessments to soil and groundwater investigations including but not limited to the following:

  • Investigations for NYC, NYS Brownfield Program and E Designation Program sites
  • Investigation for NYSDEC spill sites
  • Environmental Assessments/Investigations requested by NYSDEC, NYC OER, NYC DEP and Health Departments
  • Geophysical Surveys to locate underground piping, cesspools/drywells and tanks
  • Soil Investigation
  • Groundwater Investigations including the installation, survey and sampling of monitoring wells
  • Vapor Assessments including indoor air quality, sub-slab vapor surveys and soil gas surveys
  • Mold Investigations