Investigation of a New York City “E” Designation and VCP Program Site
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Investigation of a New York City “E” Designation and VCP Program Site

Project: North 7th and North 8th
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Services: Site Investigation

Hydro Tech performed site investigations on two adjoining properties. The investigations were performed under the “E” designation program and included the installation of a series   of soil and groundwater probes. 

At the advice of Hydro Tech, the project entered into the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation (NYC OER)’s Volunteer Cleanup Program. Based upon a pre-application meeting with Hydro Tech and the developer, the NYC OER only required minimum additional investigation (soil gas sampling and 4 additional soil probes) to be accepted into the VCP. 

Hydro Tech performed all investigations, prepared a new Remedial Investigation Report (with historical and recent data), prepared a Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP), completed community participation activities and entered the project into the VCP in under 3 months.

Hydro Tech also supervised the development work including documenting the excavation and removal of contaminated soil encountered during development, the performance  of  community air  monitoring, the collection of endpoint samples and all coordination with the NYC OER. The project has already received grants of approximately $60,000 from the VCP program.