Hotel Development – “E” Designation Program for Hazmat and Noise
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“E” Designation Program Support for Hotel Development

Client: 338 West LLC
Location: Manhattan, New York
Services: NYCOER “E” Designation Program; Engineering Control Design; Remedial Investigation, Design and Oversight; Regulatory Coordination

HydroTech provided environmental engineering services for the development of an 11,023 square foot site into a 28-story hotel located in Manhattan, New York. The Site is associated with an “E” designation for Noise and Hazmat Materials and was under the jurisdiction of the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation (NYCOER). HydroTech’s scope of work included performing a Remedial Investigation (RI) in accordance with a NYCOER approved work plan, performing a waste characterization study and delineation of hazardous soils prior to excavation, and preparing a Remedial Action Work Plan, designing engineering controls, providing air monitoring oversight during excavation, and preparing a Remedial Closure Report.