Phase I & Phase II ESA for Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lebanon
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Lebanon – Phase I and Phase II ESA for Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project: Hasbaya Wastewater Treatment Plant
Location: Hasbaya Area, Nabatieh Mohafazat (District), Lebanon
Services: Preparation of a Feasibility Study and Phased Implementation Program; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Preliminary design FOR sewer networkS and wastewater treatment plant

Before working with HydroTech, Mr. Makki managed and led Phase I of the Project. The project included the provision of a sewer network and wastewater treatment plant in Hasbaya and surrounding villages (with an estimated population of 27,000 – 30,000 people by 2025), and the protection of local water sources like the Hasbani River and spring from wastewater discharge.