EIS for Infrastructure in Northeast Syria
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Syria – EIS for Infrastructure

Project: Deir El-Zour – Bou Kamal Road
Location: Deir El-Zour Area, Deir El-Zour Governorate, Syria.
Services: Environmental Impact Statement, including traffic and social study

Before working with HydroTech, Mr. Makki managed and led Phase I of the Project. The project was financed by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.

The project (which is Phase 2 of a large Urban Development Project of approximately 90 km) is a high-standard utility for serving the traffic between the cities of Deir El-Zour and Bou Kamal, including several main branches and roundabouts, towards the eastern Syrian border with Iraq. The project falls under the Urban Development Initiative for the northeast area of Syria. The Road is designed according to the standards of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).