Design of Costa Brava Composting Plant in Lebanon
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Lebanon – Design of Composting Plant

Project: Costa Brava Composting Plant
Location: Costa Brava Area, Southern Beirut, Lebanon
Services: Concept Study and Preliminary Design of Composting Plant with Bio-drying Tunnel Technology; Preparation of Tender Documents for Design-build contract; Evaluation of Technical and Financial Bids

Before working with HydroTech, Mr. Makki managed and led design of the Project. The project consisted of establishing a composting plant in the Costa Brava area with bio-drying capacity and RDF production. The composting plant has a composting capacity of 750 tons per day and is based on modern bio-tunnel technology. The plant will be equipped with scrubbing and biofiltration systems and will have a refining plant for compost polishing and future RDF production.