Commercial Redevelopment – Site Remediation and NYSDEC Spill Closure
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NYSDEC Remediation and Spill Closure for Commercial Redevelopment

Client: New York City Ambulatory
Location: Manhattan, New York
Services: NYSDEC Spill Closure; Remedial Investigation, Design & Oversight; Regulatory Coordination

Hydro Tech provided environmental services for a project which included vertical expansion of an existing 2-story theater into a 3-story medical building. Petroleum stained soils were  encountered during the excavation for the new sub-cellar. HydroTech helped delineate the extent of the petroleum impacted soil and coordinated the cleanup with NYSDEC. HydroTech’s scope of work included air monitoring, including implementation of dust control and odor suppression measures,  design and installation of a Vapor Barrier System, and preparation of a Closure Report to document the cleanup.