Abu Dhabi – Environmental Animal Trans-Location
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Abu Dhabi – Environmental Animal Trans-Location

Project: Environmental Animal Trans-Location
Location: Emirates Aluminum (EMAL), Abu Dhabi, UAE
Services: translocation of vulnerable wildlife (terrestrial fauna) inhabiting the EMAL construction site into appropriate locations within the Abu Dhabi Emirate

The main objective was to ensure preservation of the various species of animals found on the smelter construction site. During the capture and release period (two weeks), more than nine hundred animals; including nine endangered Teratoscincus scincus (Wonder Gecko) were removed from the construction site. More than eight hundred reptiles and eighty-five small mammals were also removed. All animals were relocated to an animal reservation out in the Abu Dhabi desert near Swihan. Care was taken to release the relocated animals in similar habitats as the one they were used to. See photos for examples of relocated animals.