Soil Disposal

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NYS law requires all soil be excavated from a property be disposed of properly. Hydro Tech can assist you in characterizing your waste, identifying appropriate disposal facilities, coordinating with the facilities for approval and supervising your soil excavation.

Initially, Hydro Tech will review your historical analytical data. We will then design an appropriate waste characterization investigation which will further characterize your soil waste for disposal purposes. This investigation will consist of dividing your site into district disposal grids. Soil probes will then be installed into each grid utilizing our direct push probe machines. Based upon sampling requirements, soil samples will be collected from specific depths and analyzed for each facilities specific chemical components.

Once these results are received Hydro Tech can begin facilitating bids on your behalf from disposal facilities. Hydro Tech will review those bids with your office so together we can make the best decision for your project.

Example of Soil Disposal

Hydro Tech is currently working with the current site owner to perform the remediation and development of a 305,000 square foot property located in the southern portion of Queens. The general and presumed site history is one of suspected historical landfilling operations. Previous owners of the property installed a series of residential building foundations throughout the central, southern and eastern portions of the property and also presumably generated several piles of material that are present today. A restrictive declaration (RD) was recorded on this site for the former proposed residential use.

Hydro Tech is also working directly with the foundation contractor to perform the soil disposal activities. This includes, soliciting soil disposal bids, collecting waste characterization samples, securing permits and approval letters and supervising the disposal of soil. By using Hydro Tech’s turnkey environmental solutions the client was able to stream line his soil disposal process. He did not have to work with multiple soil brokers or have multiple companies on-site supervising soil disposal activities.

Initially, Hydro Tech Environmental reviewed our site analytical data to determine potential soil disposal options. We then contacted competing soil disposal facilities for soil disposal bids and reviewed these bids with the developer. A site specific grid pattern was then developed based upon the depth of site excavation, the location of hot spots and the developers preferred soil disposal facility. The site was divided into a total of thirty six 60 feet by 60 feet grids where the excavation activities take place. Once the grids were established, Hydro Tech used our Tractor Mounted Geoprobe to collect a 5 point composite and grab samples from each grid. The samples were analyzed for the disposal facility’s required waste characterization analysis. Upon receipt of the analytical results, Hydro Tech classified each grid for appropriate disposal and secured the approval letters, trucking permits and disposal permits. While on-site performing other remedial tasks, we are currently supervising the excavation of the soil to the appropriate disposal facilities.

Followed by the completion of the excavation activities, Hydro Tech will supervise the installation of site specific methane mitigation system and vapor barrier system.

Once the soil disposal facility is determined Hydro Tech will coordinate with them to receive final approval. During soil excavation, Hydro Tech will be on-site to ensure all soil is disposed of properly. Having Hydro Tech on-site will stream line your environmental requirements. In addition to supervised soil disposal, Hydro Tech can also perform other regulatory requirements such as air monitoring, real time soil monitoring, monitoring with a PID, end point collection and document field work for daily reports and final reporting requirement.

Clean Fill

After contaminated soil is removed, new clean soil may be required. Hydro Tech can help you identify NYS registered clean fill facilities. If necessary we can test the material and provide results to the regulator.

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