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ORC and RegenOx can also be used for in-situ soil and groundwater rememdiation. These compounds are injected with Hydro Techs georprobe machine. Learn more about Regenensis Products here.

Example of ORC Injection

The Site is approximately 12,937 square feet in area is located in the southwest portion of Manhattan. The current owner purchased this property for the development of a 10-story building. The Site was historically developed as a mixture of residential buildings and auto repair shops. Gasoline tanks were historically present on-site and the site was designated with a Hazmat/Noise “E”. During a subsurface investigation it was discovered that free product was floating on the groundwater, elevated levels of dissolved gasoline was present in the groundwater and levels of gasoline compounds were present in the soil. The NYSDEC was notified of the release and a NYSDEC Spill Number was assigned to the property. Hydro Tech then prepared a Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) which was approved by the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation (NYC OER) and a Notice to Proceed was issued.

Remedial activities were performed at the Site by Hydro Tech as part of the Site remedial development under the New York City voluntary Cleanup Program based on a Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) which was approved by the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation (NYC OER) and a in accordance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) approved Remedial Action Plan. The remedial action consisted of the excavation and disposal of petroleum contaminated soil and contaminated urban fill material, the removal and proper registration of USTs, the remediation of groundwater through the performance of Enchance Fluid REcoevery (EFR) events and introduction of Chemical Oxidation solution brand name RegenOx™ and Oxygen Releasing Compounds Advanced (ORCA) insto the saturated zone and the application of ORC Advanced (ORCA) pellets at the excavation bottom at the interface pof groundwater. A vapor barrier and active sub-slab depressurization system were also installed in the building to protect the health of the future occupants of the building.

In order to save the developer time and money the remediation was designed to be conducted during the site development. EFR events were conducted for approximately 8 weeks prior to the start of development. Soil excavation for foundations was supervised by our geologist during typical construction activities. Approximately 6800 lbs of chemox and 1890 lbs of ORCA, and 1873 lb of ORCA pellets were injected into the ground during development. The injections were conducted while the site was under construction using Hydro Tech’s special access geoprobes. All work was supervised by a Hydro Tech project manager. The NYSDEC closed the open spill case prior to the completion of the first floor of the building. The building is still under construction and it is expected to be complete by fall 2013.

In-Situ Remediation

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