Introducing BOS Technology

Bos 100 and Bos 200 are two proven and very powerful remediation mechanisms that make what is called the “Trap and Treat” process. The “Trap” provides the immediate mass reduction and plume control, while the “Treat” provides the continued long term remedial degradation.

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Hydro Tech

What We Do.

Hydro Tech Environmental, Corp. (HTE) is a full service, integrated environmental consulting firm that provides a wide scope of services to a broad base of clients. These services range from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Subsurface Investigations to air quality inspections and design of the management of remedial systems.

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Who We Work For.

prospective purchasers, owners, and mortgage holders of real estate, insurance companies, municipalities, public and private schools, law firms, and state and local regulatory agencies.. We have worked at a wide range of properties, including residential homes, commercial and industrial properties, gasoline/service stations and hazardous waste sites of all kinds.


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Client Testimonials

"Working with your company is a pleasure. I look forward to working together in the future." - Valued Client

"Thank you for all your attention. You performed the inspection and report in such a timely manner." - Valued Client

"It was a pleasure dealing with this company, would recommend them. The reports were easy to understand for a layman." - Valued Client

"Great stuff! I feel good knowing you are on the job." - Valued Client